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3 week ago

What have you noticed in Marvel movies that most people have not?

Thor wasn’t sad at Tony’s funeral.

Thor wasn’t particularly devastated by Tony’s death, which I think is why he didn’t groom himself properly, nor did he look very sad:

And I have a theory why.

Remember Frigga’s funeral in Thor, the Dark World? His body was put in a ship, and it was burned:

His body turned into cosmic dust, entering Valhalla because he died in battle.

And how did Stark die again? That’s right, in a battle.

I doubt Thor is actually sad about Tony’s death, sentimental but not sad. Since he knows he’s gone to Valhalla. Hell exists so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that Valhalla does too.

In Thor’s mind, Tony is drinking with the greatest warriors ever known. And maybe the reason Thor went with the Guardians is because he wants to go on dangerous adventures, so that when he sees his old friend again in Valhalla he’ll have cool stories to tell.

The long-awaited reunion will be done with tears, laughter, stories of adventures and lots of mead.

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