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I wanted to share with you a photo management system that I encountered while browsing the Github website. The general purpose of the Lychee photo management script is to categorize your photos very easily and reach the albums you want in a very short time.

Every system I’ve shared here before, after detailed analysis, I always try to share with you if it’s worth it. When I examine the system, there are shortcomings, which I wish I had, as well as the aspects I liked. You can also turn it into a beautiful photo sharing script by improving it a bit.

The Lychee php photo sharing script includes features such as fast batch uploading, categorizing photos, allowing everyone to see photos through the public folder feature, or storing your photo library by creating your own private folders. It also has the ability to download any of your albums to your computer with the click of a button and to take your photos loaded with Dropbox with the api code to the system.

The biggest deficiency of the system is the lack of membership system. As soon as you set up the system you can login with the user name and password you created, but no one else can sign up. If you are going to start a photo sharing system, you need to add a membership system first. Or you can just use it to store and manage your own photos and use them as they are without making any changes, it’s up to you.

The installation of the Lychee php photo sharing and management script is just a few steps. When you create a database and click on the album link, it asks for the information needed for the database connection and then the login information, and the installation is finished.

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