3D Solar System


I found a very long time ago, I will share every opportunity to say that I could not share this 3-dimensional Solar system was finally fortune to share. Believe in this way you won’t have any of your wind. While there are hundreds of works waiting to be shared with me, it will be a bit sad for me to keep sharing with you all the time. Anyway keep going 🙂

First of all, the most important reason I want to share this design with you is of course not to put ornaments in a corner of your website. If you say that I’m going to use it, you’re welcome 🙂 This study, which is prepared to tell the children the solar system better, is only for children.

Clicking the names of the planets in the demo example contains information about the distance to the Sun for each planet, its equatorial circumference, and the speed at which the Sun rotates around the Sun. My favorite feature is to click on the “size” filter to show how small the planets are compared to the Sun.

3d solar system javascript css html jQuery prefix

Another beautiful side of the planets is the rotation of the Sun in 3D.

Anyway, that’s enough 🙂 Click on the button below the demo and you will be able to examine all the features. If you like it, you can also click the other button and download it to your computer.

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  1. Merih 10 months ago

    emeğine sağlık. böyle şeyleri googlede aramak yerine karşıma çıkınca bakmak ve ilgilenmek güzel birşey buna vesile oldugunuz için teşekkürler.

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