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Although I do not want to start  sentence with the “hosting” word  on the subject, I have to tell the hosting companies as an example because this is the area I saw first, although I have encountered this system repeatedly in different places. Yes name on customer support system. The system where you can quickly open a ticket and wait for the request to be finalized when there is a failure or problem.

müşteri takip iş takip müşteri destek scripti php

The ticketing system is often the area where I try to find and solve problems for my website. I can also say that it is the best way to get rid of customer problems as soon as possible.

Day after day more companies using this system for customer supports.
Any phone number, without bothering to search for a few sentences and if you wish to share the screen image can explain the problems and future responses can be informed by mail.

Php osTicket software is the world’s most used free php customer support panel script. Currently, this php support request script used by 15000 companies has 5+ million ticket users. Thousands of people to answer millions of questions using osTicket.
Of course it is better understood how wide a mass.

One of the best things about the system is that you can see your request stage with the ticket number.

php müşteri destek paneli scripti support ticket system

Using the phone to solve the problem as it takes time to try to solve the problem as well as the ticket systems is the problem itself. Of course, the worst part of the work is the formation of tense environments. Therefore, everyone needs to use it in terms of customer satisfaction regardless of small or big company. Examining customer support requests on a regular basis, with no face-to-face, is the most effective way to save time and speed.

The installation of the php osTicket customer support panel script consists of a few simple steps, as in the WordPress system. Upload files from ftp to your server and open the directory that you downloaded from the browser. The installation page will appear. Just change the name of the file include/ost-sampleconfig.php to include/ost-config.php before you start the installation.

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