How to access blocked websites with free vpn


There are a lot of people in the world who want to have access to forbidden sites, and I believe that millions of people want to access the dns and vpn settings to access these sites and I am learning a new one. In fact, I knew it like everyone else, but I didn’t even think it was millions because I wasn’t interested. OK, I’m not the one who is against access to malicious sites, but sometimes it also has difficulties in accessing sites with useful content, and so we sometimes get into these kinds of searches. You cannot access most sites even when you change the dns settings. There are applications and programs to eliminate this problem. The bad thing is that most of these programs are paid and the non-paid ones show an exaggerated ad. Except for one. Here it is Applications.

Access blocked websites with  Opera Vpn

Opera Vpn is a completely free and ad-free program that is available for both computers and Android phones. It allows you to access all of the banned sites, so you don’t have to set any DNS settings.

First, download and install the most appropriate links for your computer from the links in this section.

Once you have installed the scanner on your computer, do not rush. As you have not yet enabled Vpn, you will not be able to access any site. To enable vpn, click on the browser settings at the bottom of your browser to open it and click the settings icon.

On the left-hand page, click on the Privacy and Security link in the menu on the left and check the Enable VPN option. Now you can have unlimited access to any site you want with peace of mind.


UltraSurf  software is also an introduction to disabled sites that have been developed for computers. You can find the details of the installation steps and the download link from the button below.

How to access blocked websites with Android devices

Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN

The topic was Vpn applications which were developed for android devices rather than computers. When I shared it for android, I said I should share the one for the computer. As you know in most of the programs developed for both computers and smartphones, advertisements are overloaded or paid. This is not the case in the Opera browser, and it is not a browser you are uploading to the phone. It is a program that only activates vpn in the background.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

SuperVPN Free VPN Client


This is all the programs you need. There are even more hundreds of them, but they are the best ones for phones. There is also Opera, which allows you to enjoy unlimited uncensored internet by making security and privacy settings from the browser we shared first. Wishing you to use unlimited and free internet 🙂

If you don’t want to use one of them, the dns address below is the most current and fastest.

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  1. ali 2 years ago

    nasıl dns ayarını degiştiriyonuz

  2. Servet 4 years ago

    Opera hariç hepsi reklam dolu reklamlar yüzünden bile olsa indirmeye değmezler.

  3. Mustafa 4 years ago

    Opera vpn dışındakiler tam çalışmıyor. En etkili olanı sadece Opera vpn ayrıca açmadığı site yok.

  4. Aygül 4 years ago

    Dns ayarlarını değiştirerek bağlanamadığım bütün sitelere şimdi bağlanabiliuorum teşekkürler.

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