Ketchup.js – Advanced form validation



As you know, one of the features that come with html5 is form validation. There are warnings given by the browser to fill in missing information in login, membership or similar examples. But this feature may not always be useful enough for us. Occasionally there are options that we would like to enforce, and the browser won’t be able to notice these parts. So we have to use some apps to set our own alerts. Ketchup application is one such example.

There are currently no demo-related review examples on the demo page. I used to, but when I updated this post, I noticed it was removed. Nevertheless, I did not remove the old link, perhaps in the future live preview option is added. It is possible to see all the necessary explanations and parameters about its usage from the demo page. You can also see a working version of the downloaded file. When you provide incorrect or missing information in the Mail field and username field, you may see an alert prompting you to enter the correct information in a red alert balloon.

Another demo of Ketchup also includes the ability to force check boxes. Shows a warning when at least two are not checked. It is also possible to set a limit for the words entered in the input field. In the second input option, you are asked to enter at least 3 characters. The tooltip bubbles disappear when all chapters are entered correctly.



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