How do you remove imperfections, acne, blemishes in Photoshop?


When taking a picture with the camera, an acne or blemish can ruin photo. That we do not notice and we want to delete our photo.

Using the Photoshop program, we can make that acne or blemish look like it never happened and we can share photos with our friends immaculately.

In this article, we will see how we can remove face spots on photos. Here we speaking about acne, but you can get rid of all kinds of stains with the method we will explain.

Clean the face by removing stains, acne on Photoshop.

  1. First, press the “J” key on the keyboard to select “Healing Brush” tool.
  2. Then, holding down the “alt” key and left-clicking on a non-acne section in our picture with the mouse.
  3. When you press the “Alt” key, the “Healing Brush” tool in the round view on the screen takes the target view and the clean area we clicked in the target view is saved in the program.
  4. When we remove the finger from the “alt” key and click the acne, we see that the acne will disappear. You must left-click each acne individually.

Display of the target tool on the screen with the “Alt” key pressed:

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