How to change hair color with photoshop


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Which hair color fits me. How to test in my hair without using a hair dye, photoshop saves us from a hair color that we don’t want to use.

We don’t need to be a professional photographer for this kind of changes. With photoshop In a few simple steps, we can change the color of our quick hair. Even the new hair color to instagrama he can share our photos and even trollele our friends. Since the program will select the same colors as the short path, we can easily make the change we want. So let’s start 🙂

How to change hair color with photoshop?

Quick Selection Tool

Let’s add a picture to change our hair color to our photoshop program first. In our Photoshop program, we press the “W” key to activate the “Quick Selection Tool” and click on the area where we are going to change the color. Our vehicle automatically selects the required places as in the picture.

Color Range

After selecting the desired field, press “Ctrl + B” while the fields are selected and give the hair the color we want.


  1. İrem 2 years ago

    Bilgileriniz çok güzel teşekkür ederim. Ama bunlarin hepsini farklı leyarde yapmak istiyorum backgrounda değil. Mesela göz boyuyacaksam farklı leyarda, saç farklı leyarda.. bunu nasıl uapabilirim lütfen yardımcı olur musinuz?? 🙂

    • Ali 2 years ago

      Sağ tarafta katmanların sıralandığı bölümün altında yeni katman oluşturma ikonu var. O ikona tıklayıp yeni katman/layer oluşturup yeni katman seçili iken çalışmanıza devam ederseniz istediğiniz şekilde ayrı ayrı sonuçlar elde edersiniz.

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