How to changing cursor with css


With Css, it is possible to assign each mouse to each frame or every dive, ie the cursor shape. For example, a disabled link and button to indicate whether the button is working or not, you can specify different mouse shapes on your website. There are many other shapes like this. Below is a name given to each individual cursor to assign the cursor shape to frames or divs prepared with css. You can also assign the following codes into the div and set the custom cursor.

1. Default
2. Auto
3. Pointer
4. Text
5. Wait
6. Help
7. Crosshair
8. Move
9. Resize North
10. Resize North East
11. Resize East
12. Resize South East
13. Resize South
14. Resize South West
15. Resize West
16. Resize North West

The shapes of the resizeers refer to the arrow from the lower left, from the right to the top, from the two-way arrow to the right or from the bottom to the left, from the right to the left and from the two-way arrow to the up and down arrows.
I have added a picture to be more descriptive, I have a sample picture below.

her cerceveye ayri cursor (mouse şekli) atama |

You can access demos and required codes from the following address to assign a separate cursor to each session. Auto and default prepared demos in the demos prepared with the normal mouse in the view does not work after you do not hesitate:)

By clicking on the demo address below, in the top of the page you are navigating, just below the ad space, in the largest orange area, I made a detailed explanation about what each of the css codes does and how it will be used.

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