How to download Instagram story, photos and videos


Hi friends, today I tried to try this topic through mobile browsers by trying different settings but I didn’t get any results. Bookmarklet was formerly available in Google Chrome browsers. Thanks to this feature Youtube and so on. We were able to download videos and photos with the help of a bookmarklet from any platform without using any programs. It was even possible to use the same feature on Twitter, including mobile browsers, and unfortunately this feature is no longer active.

First, I found out that the bookmarklet feature, which was blocked from Chrome computer versions, was also blocked from mobile browsers when I tried this application today. Fortunately, the developer Matheus Falcão has created a system that allows this feature to be used. When you add the following link to bookmarks in Google Chrome and Opera browsers, you can download an instagram’s photo, video and story. It does not work in Internet Explorer. At least it doesn’t work in my version. I would appreciate it if you try it on the browsers installed on your computer and share the result here.

Instagram fotoğraf, video ve hikaye indirme linki

The following image shows you how to use it briefly. After adding the link above to the bookmarks as in the image below, you can slide an image on the Instagram site to the middle of the screen and click the bookmark, then the photo opens ready to be downloaded in the new tab. Videos can be downloaded in the same way. If you want to download a person’s story, just click the story and then click the bookmark. When you click the bookmark the story will open in the new tab and you can right-click to download it to your computer.

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