Pubg Lite is unavailable in your region error fix and free vpn Thailand


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, though we have not heard, Pubg, paperc or pabci right from the left we hear a word we know a little more than we know. Those who do not know must have heard. Although I can not work and play such a game like me, I started because of the insistence of friends and left because of the abundance of cheating people. Pubg Mobile is a mobile game on its name and it can be played on computers with the help of emulator. Ready for the subject of the emulator link to those who want to add it. It is useful to let me know that the download button for Pubg mobile version is right below.

Playing Pubg Lite Without Vpn

If you are wondering how to play and download pubg lite without vpn from Europe, let’s continue. Do not look at what I say Vpnsiz vpn or you want to use the game, but you will not need after entering the game. First of all, I will tell you how to download a free, unlimited vpn program and how to download 2gb game size without vpn. I’m sure there is no vpn program for this game. The free ones do not support the Thailand server, and the paid ones give a certain time limit. On top of a very low speed, so you will have to play the game with very high ping. With the method I will tell you, you will be able to play Pubg Lite very easily with your normal internet connection speed.

Download Pubg Lite

Pubg Lite is unavailable in your region error hatası

When you download the game you will see a 64MB software. This software is just for you to connect to the server like Steam account connection. After connecting to the server, you can download 2GB of original files.

We have downloaded our game from the top download button, we have set up, we have created a new account, then we’ll encounter an error such as this game is not played in your country or region will encounter an error. It takes days to connect with Vpn and download it.

With your normal internet connection, it is enough to set the time zone of your computer to Bangkok, Honoi, Jakarta to download and download game files.

pubg lite saat ayarları yapma honoi cakarta bangkokAfter setting your clock settings as shown in the picture, the page where you can download the game files will open as in the picture below.

Pubg lite euro server türkiyeden giriş oyunu indirLoading over When you press START with excitement, you will be faced with an error in your region error. The solution is to use a vpn, but as I said at the beginning, vpn programs are either not paid or Thai are not supported by Bangkok. There is also a free vpn program for you that is robust and reliable. I will tell you how to download and use the program step by step. I suggest you read the steps carefully so that you do not get into the error by downloading the download buttons immediately.


Softeither is a vpn software on its own, and the Vpn Gate plugin is an add-on that allows you to use unlimited and free vpn for many countries, including Thailand. You can immediately download two of the buttons on the atlette as a single installation.

Finish the installation and run the program by saying forward to all the options you have seen during the program installation stages.
Click here to enter VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers.

Clicking on “VPN Gate Public” will open a window with the IP addresses of many countries. Select a location that says Thailand in this window and click the “Connect to the VPN Server” button.

In the next step, press the “Agree” button to continue the next step.

pubg lite thailand tayland proxy bağlanma ücretsiz vpn indir

Your computer position will appear as Thailand soon. Check your location from here to make sure.
You can now log in to the game if your location appears to be Thailand. If you encounter a “server busy” error indicating that the server is busy while the game is opening, try connecting again. Sometimes this error is due to server density.


Due to the ping problem you can work hard to get weapons that can handle the game too heavy. You may even notice that you died after the enemy came and killed you. All you have to do is disconnect the Vpn after connecting to the game server.

vpn gate bağlantısı kesme pubg lite

After selecting the server in Thailand to connect, click on the first image that you clicked on the VPN gate public under the location of the “VPN Gate Connection” you have seen that a new line has been added.
“VPN Gate Connection” right-click on the location and “Disconnect” after clicking on the connection will be without Vpn as normal with your internet speed without ping problems can play the game. This process before entering the game, such as in the picture below you have to do in the lobby. An instant connection is disconnected and you can log in to the game by clicking Connect again.

And here is the result

Vpn siz pubg lite oyunu oyna vpn olmadan oyuna bağlan

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