Adding sun rays to a picture with Photoshop


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Adding sun rays to a picture with Photoshop

This design consists of only a few photoshop operation. With Photoshop’s ability to add sunlight to pictures, you can add sunshine to pictures and even add sunshine to photos taken in rainy and snowy weather very easily.

Our picture is a picture of clouds without sun. I’ve tried the example on this picture so you can choose another picture as well.

First we select “Filter >> Render >> Lens Flare” from the top menu options.

Within the “Lens Flare” a small sample of our picture will appear. You can select the area where you want to see the sun by clicking on the thumbnail.  When playing with the “Brightness setting”, you will notice that the sun grows smaller. You can set the optimal size for your own picture from the Brightness setting.

Photoshop Cs3 güneş efekti vermeYou can also apply different sun effects using 4 different options in the “Lens Flare Window”. After giving the most appropriate setting, press OK button.


50-300mm Zoom

Photoshop Cs3 güneş efekti verme

35mm Prime

Photoshop Cs3 güneş efekti verme

105mm Prime


Photoshop Cs3 güneş efekti verme

Movie Prime

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